Character Design

Tiny Oceans LINE Stamp Set & Character Design: a few thoughts....



Since I was just a toddler, I’ve been fascinated with the ocean. My first dream job was, I wanted to work on the Calypso with Jacques Cousteau. Interestingly, my artwork has often focused on nature and the natural sciences. Even when I didn’t realize it, it was a theme that was deeply part of my way of seeing.


I made the decision to work on a new IP and game from concept to creation and I wanted it to be a fun exploration of what’s in the waves.


As a design task, I chose plankton to be the focus. I wanted to bridge fun simple characters and actual plankton that could be used in a game, and also as icons and stickers in messaging apps, or characters in a narrative, like a info graphic, comic or story book

The plankton as characters are cute, silly, odd, crazy, they are personality  embodied-- they inhabit totally environments. And, because of our perspective at human scale theirs is a world totally different form our own.