Tiny Oceans: The Tiny Oceans Institute

I'm documenting my process in creating Tiny Oceans: Currents-- a game exploring the world of the ocean's tiny creatures

The idea: Scientists and researches from an advanced marine institute observer zooplankton

Where would the Tiny Oceans institute exist and why?

I started drawing and asking questions. Where would have the institute's founders selected?  I imagined something of a combination of Monterey, California, Capri on the Italian Coast  and Matsushima, Japan -- part ocean, part land, beautiful etched and eroded mountains grasped by plant life. An imaginary place where humans like, the plankton are subjects of their environment.

Both are reflections of each other--existing in rough yet delicate ever changing complex environments.


Tiny Oceans LINE Stamp Set & Character Design: a few thoughts....



Since I was just a toddler, I’ve been fascinated with the ocean. My first dream job was, I wanted to work on the Calypso with Jacques Cousteau. Interestingly, my artwork has often focused on nature and the natural sciences. Even when I didn’t realize it, it was a theme that was deeply part of my way of seeing.


I made the decision to work on a new IP and game from concept to creation and I wanted it to be a fun exploration of what’s in the waves.


As a design task, I chose plankton to be the focus. I wanted to bridge fun simple characters and actual plankton that could be used in a game, and also as icons and stickers in messaging apps, or characters in a narrative, like a info graphic, comic or story book

The plankton as characters are cute, silly, odd, crazy, they are personality  embodied-- they inhabit totally environments. And, because of our perspective at human scale theirs is a world totally different form our own.